“David Belt is a singer/songwriter artist, multi-instrumentalist and church worship leader in Dallas, TX, telling stories through song to encourage more honest and joyful living.

Sourced by his community of friends and family, David’s self-produced debut album, “Close Beside”, was released in 2019 and tells the story of God’s nearness in life, marriage, hardship and loss. Since then he's also recorded several singles, including the reimagined hymn "All Who Hunger" and his latest release "Here In This House", a song about growing a family and surviving an ice-storm together with mac and cheese.

David's enthusiasm for the formational power of music comes from twelve years of family missionary work in the Middle East, leading worship and equipping music teams in local church ministry, and a completed graduate degree from the Webber Institute for Worship Studies. He currently serves as the Music Director at All Saints Dallas.

His wife, Lauren, and their three children - Eleanor, Samuel and Jamie - are the loves of his life.”


Hello, friend! I’m David. Thanks for listening to my songs.

My latest song, "Here In This House" is out! I'm planning to release more music in the near 2022 future, too. You can follow me on Spotify or sign up for my newsletter to get notified when they will be available.

Also, please say hello. If you liked a certain song, have a question, or just want to grab a drink in the Dallas area, you can contact me directly here on the site.




"Here In This House" Credits: I wrote, produced, played drums, acoustic guitar and sang on it. Ross Fishburn on bass. Tyler Martin on electric guitar. Corey Wood on keyboards. Jordan Combs mixed it. Joe Causey mastered it. Eleanor splish splashed in the bathtub on it. Samuel screamed his head off on it.